Work to Date

May 2006 - Oct 2007

  • Eight trips to Toronto-Kinshasa and four trips to Kilo-Moto area conducted by Peter Hooper and team Kinshasa trips included efforts to become acquainted with Minister and government.
  • Three trips to Brussels to work at the Royal African Museum. Museum consultant completed two studies on Masters and Somituri properties.
  • Six missions by DRC geologists to visit every property.
  • Two security assessment trips completed.

Nov 2007

  • Base established in Beni.

Dec 2007

  • First geochem program underway on Masters property.

Jan 2008

  • Second geochem program underway on Masters property.
  • Roads and airstrips study commenced.
  • Purchasing procedures in place.
  • Logistics personnel on site.
  • Bio fuels study starts.
  • Second base established in Isiro.