Corporate Responsibility

Kilo Goldmines is committed to balancing investor loyalty with responsible exploration practices.

Social Responsibility

Administered through the KGL Community Foundation, Kilo is actively promoting grassroots social and economic development in and around the areas in which the company operates.

The objectives of the KGL Community Foundation are to promote sustainable development that enhances opportunities and quality of life by:

  • involving local communities in identifying their specific needs
  • promoting and supporting education and skills training
  • improving access to health care and awareness of public health issues through research and documentation of changes in the health of communities
  • supporting improvements in sustainable agriculture, apiculture, aquaculture and forestry
  • supporting of the development of micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • using, where applicable, local expertise, contractors and labour in its projects

KGL Community Foundation Projects

Environmental Stewardship

Kilo firmly believes that minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities and building cooperative working relationships with local communities is not only a good business practice, it is essential for the long-term operation of the company and ultimately a necessity to achieve the best possible outcome for shareholders.

Kilo's management has also taken steps to ensure that all employees and suppliers respect and adhere to the laws of the DRC with respect to the protection of threatened and endangered species. All employees and contract workers are briefed on this matter and understand that the purchase, sale or possession or the causing of harm to any animal which belongs to a threatened or endangered species can be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Workplace Health and Safety

Kilo has been proactive in developing good practices related to a safe and healthy workplace for employees, contractors, subcontractors, and local populations. The company is committed to continuously looking for opportunites to minimize risks with the aim of preventing accidents and occupational related illnesses.