Somituri Exploration Plan

An exploration program of trenching, soil sampling and drilling with two diamond drills is currently underway on selected targets on the Somituri Project. (See June 28, 2011 press release.)

2011 Somituri Exploration Map

  • Drilling targets include:

    • Adumbi Deposit -> expand resource estimate by drilling along strike and at depth; turn inferred resources to measured (2 dedicated drills).

    • Further drilling on nearby Kitenge and Manzako prospects; and drill Vatican and Adumbi North.

    • Initial drilling on PE 9692 (NW Somituri).

  • Additional metallurgical test work is in progress and petrographic studies are planned.

  • Mapping, trenching, soil sample of other Somituri licenses to determine new potential drill targets.

Additional information about the Somituri Project:

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* The proposed drilling program is expected to commence in April 2011 and is contingent upon several factors including but not limited to financing and the availability of drilling equipment.